Georgia Military
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GO-01 History of the Georgia Militia, 1783-1861 v1. Campaigns and Generals. Indexed. An introduction to the components of the General Militai and Volunteers, tracing the militia system from its organization by Oglethorpe in 1733, through the Revolutionary War, and then detailing each of the major conflicts in which the Georgia Militia served afterwords. Eye-witness reports punctuate these heavily documented accounts. Lists of units (identified by county of origin where possible) in active service during these campaigns are appended. For historians, the important Militia Acts of the Legislature are outlined, followed by a selection of General and Special Orders from the chain of command. For genealogists, a list of battalion and regimental designations by county is included, along with a table of organization for the 27 brigades and 13 divisions of the Georgia Militia. The volume closes with the biographies of the 205 Georgia Militia generals. Gordon Burns Smith. hb. 424 pp. 2000 $45.00
GO-02 History of the Georgia Militia, 1783-1861 v2. Counties and Commanders, Part One. Indexed. The militia histories of fifteen counties, CHATHAM, BURKE, JEFFERSON, TATTNALL, BALDWIN, MORGAN, JASPER, MONROE, BIBB, WARE, PIERCE, CAMPBELL, SUMTER, COBB, and FLOYD, placing them in the pertinent political and economic contexts in which they existed. Each chapter is richly documented with biographical and genealogical information on men and women residing in the county. Company roster and payrolls are attached in numerous cases. These pages contain a veritable genealogical treasure trove, since some counties have lost most if not all of their early public records. Gordon Burns Smith. hb. 385 pp. 2000 $45.00
GO-03 History of the Georgia Militia, 1783-1861 v3. Counties and Commanders, Part Two. Indexed. The militia histories of twelve counties: BLYNN, CAMDEN, EFFINGHAM, WASHINGTON, COLUMBIA, LINCOLN, CLARKE, HABERSHAM, MUSCOGEE, THOMAS, COLQUITT, and LOUNDES, placing them in the sme contexts as thos in Volume 2. Of these counties, several have lost most if not all of their early public records. Company rosters and payrolls are also attached in numerous cases. Gordon Burns Smih. hb. 400 pp. 2000 $45.00
GO-04 History of the Georgia Militia, 1783-1861 v4. Companies. Indexed. The histories of twenty-five representative volunteer companies, with rosters where pertinent. Among them are the GEORGIA HUSSARS, REPUBLICAN BLUES, MCINTOSH LIGHT DRAGOONS, MACON VOLUNTEERS, CRAWFORD VOLUNTEERS, FORT GAINES GUARDS, ALBANY GUARDS, and GATE CITY GUARD, and for genealogists include units incounties that have lost their early records, such as Crawford, Dougherty, and McIntosh Counties. Military and political historians will appreciate the account of the filibusters in Georgia: Lopez, Gonzales, the Order of the Lone Star, "the Grey-Eyed Man of Destiny", Henningsen, and the Knights of the Golden Circle. In addition, there is included a chapter on the military history of the Beaufort District, South Carolina. Gordon Burns Smith. hb. 375 pp. 2000 $45.00
SH-84 Georgians In the Revolution: At Kettle Ck. (Wilkes Co.) & Burke Co. Robert S. Davis, Jr. 272 pp. 1987 $35.00.
IP-7 GA Revolutionary War Soldiers' Graves. 2 vols. H. Ross Arnold & Hank Burnham. sfb. 803 pp. 1993 $39.95.
JX-238 Revolution War Invalid Pension Claims 1792-1794(from HR Doc. 32, 51. Index.
sfb.128 pp.
JX-239 Military Claims Barred by the Statutes of Limitation-1810
sfb. 36 pp.
BP-70 Georgia's Signers and the Declaration of Independence. Edwin Bridges, Harvey Jackson, Kenneth Thomas, James Young. hb. 106 pp. 1981 $12.95.
HP-1 Revolutionary Memoirs and Muster Rolls. (A compilation of muster rolls of VA, PA, GA Continental Line troops.) (A compilation of muster rolls of VA, PA, GA Continental Line troops.)(A compilation of muster rolls of VA, PA, GA Continental Line troops.) Mary B. Warren. hb. 210 pp. 1994 $28.50.
RP-13 Recollections of A GA Loyalist. (A Savannah family in the Revolution) Elizabeth L. Johnston. hb. 224 pp. 1974 (1901). $25.00.
HP-7 600 Revolutionary Soldiers Living in Georgia, 1827-1828. Martha Lou Houston. sfb. 16 pp.
MU-3 Militiamen, Rangers, and Redcoats: The Military in GA 1754-1776. James M. Johnson. hb.
AT-16 Lachlan McIntosh & The Politics of Revolutionary Georgia. Harvey H. Jackson. 209 pp. 1979 $22.50.