Georgia Religious
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BP-98 How to Write a Church History. Harold A. Lawrence
sfb. 33 pp. 1999 $7.50
BP-119 Pride and Abandonment, Emory-at-Valdosta, 1928-1953. Includes rosters. R. Linton Cox, Harold Lawrence.
sfb. 77 pp. 2000 $12.50
BP-91 A Hundred Years of Methodism in Augusta, GA. G.G. Smith.
sfb. 25+ pp. (1880) 1997 $7.50.
BP-84 Early Societies of Upper Georgia. History of Methodist societies northeast Georgia 1786-1810. Lengthy genealogies of prominent families. indx. Harold A. Lawrence.
sfb. 162 pp.
BP-11 The First Methodist Conference in Georgia. incld. maps & plats to loacate conference site. 1988. rpt & expanded Harold A. Lawrence.
sfb. 43 pp. 1997 $12.50.
BP-79 Atticus Greene Haygood (Methodist Bishop, Editor & Educator). Harold W. Mann.
hb. 254 pp. 1965 $20.00.
BP-78 Reminiscences of Rev. James Dunwody (of South GA Conference). (1875) 1995.

BP-7 Minutes of the Methodist Conferences in America, 1773-1813.

hb. 612 pp. 1983 (1813) $25.00.
BP-4 Methodist Preachers in Georgia, 1783-1900. Harold Lawrence.
hb. 625 pp. 1984 $30.00.
BP-75 Methodist Preachers in GA, 1783-1900, A Supplement. Harold Lawrence.
224 pp. hb 1995 $25.00.
BP-37 The Candler School of Theology-Sixty Years of Service. Boone M. Bowen.
hb. 247 pp. 1974 $15.00.
GM-1 The Glenn Memorial Story. (Located on the campus of Emory University, Atlanta, GA.) James W. May.
329 pp. 1985 $15.00.
BP-15 Autobiography of Bishop L.H. Holsey. George Clary.
sfb. 38 pp. 1987 $15.00.
BP-18 The Beginnings of the South Georgia Conference. George Clary.
sfb. 21 pp. 1987 $5.00.
BP-5 Records of the Tignall Charge. (Wilkes Co., GA) Harold Lawrence, ed.
hb. 708 pp. 1978 $30.00.
BP-12 Asbury's Georgia Visits (Taken from his journal.) Harold Lawrence.
sfb. 37 pp. 1988 $12.50
BP-13 Asbury's South Carolina Visits. (Taken from his journal.) Harold Lawrence.
sfb. 115 pp. 1988 $15.00.
BP-16 Steward's Book for the Little River Circuit 1827-1841. (Encompassing cos. of Wilkes, Lincoln, Oglethorpe, Greene, Taliaferro, Warren, McDuffie, & Columbia in GA.) Harold Lawrence.
sfb. 21 pp. 1988 $5.00.
BP-17 Steward's Book for the Burke & Ohoopee Circuits 1790-1823. (Including counties of Burke, Screven, Jefferson, Washington, Effingham & Jenkins, Bryan, Liberty, Evans, Tattnall, Candler, Bulloch, Emanuel, Johnson in GA.) Harold Lawrence.
sfb. 15 pp. 1988 $5.00
BP-85 Jackson Methodist Circuit Minutes Jackson, GA. 1846-1871. Harold Lawrence.
64 pp. 1997 $12.50.
BP-86 Methodist Church Record Books 1811-1876 Milledgeville (Baldwin Co.) GA. index.
Baldwin sfb. 307 pp. 1997 $25.00.
BP-90 Minutes of Richmond Co. GA Methodist Circuit 1853-1871. indx. Harold Lawrence. Richmond sfb. 1997 $20.00.
BP-19 Historical Directory of North Georgia Conference Churches. Harold Lawrence.
sfb. 54 pp. 1988 $5.00.
BP-89 Changes in Charge Lines North GA Conference 1913-1997.indx. Harold Lawrence.
sfb. 1997 $15.00.
BP-21 Milestones: The Journal of N. GA Methodist History. Vol. 3, No. 1. (Inc. articles on Pope's Chapel, Oglethorpe Co.; Marietta Methodism, Gwinnett Churches; Mossy Creek Camp Meeting; Woman's Foreign Missionary Soc.; Campmeeting Origins.)
June, 1990 $5.00.
BP-60 Milestones: The Journal of N. GA. Methodist History. Vol. 3, No. 2. (Inc. articles on Jeremiah Norman Diary; Meth. Protestant Church in GA; Red Oak, Williamson, GA; Pleasant Grove of Baldwin Co.; Hist. of Toccoa 1st.)

Dec., 1990 $5.00.
FI-1 A Higher Obligation: (The Story of First United Methodist Church of Marietta, GA) Lucrete Hammons & Betty Carr.
sfb. 112 pp. 1983 $7.00.
HP-3 The First United Methodist Church, Athens, GA. John P. Bondurant II.
hb. 422 pp. 1988 $20.00.
BP-51 A Feast of Tabernacles:(Extensive information and black and white photographs of all existing campgrounds in Georgia.) Georgia Campgrounds and Campmeetings. Harold Lawrence.
hb. 200 pp. 1990 $25.00.
BP-20 Quit Your Meanness. (Pamphlet sermon by America's greatest evangelist.) Rev. Sam Jones.

1993 $5.00.
BP-45 From Sunshine to Sunshine (Funeral of Bishop Pierce.) G. Horace Couch.
63 pp. 1988.
BP-63 Multiple Copies: North Georgia Conference Journals, 1910-1986. (Most in reasonably good condition. Please specify years on separate sheet.)

$5.00 per issue.
BP-8 Clues to Methodist Research in Georgia. (New and updated 1993). Harold Lawrence.
BP-42 Memoirs from His Diary, 1865-1872 (Contains experiences of the entry of Methodism into GA by his ancestor, Henry Parks and his own ministry from 1820s to 1866.) William J. Parks.
sfb. 1993 $7.50.
BP-77 The Autobiography of Rev. Lewis Myers. (Early Methodist Circuit rider in GA & SC, 1775-1851). Rev. Lewis Myers.
sfb. 1995 $10.00.
BP-43 The Roll Book for the Societies of the Houston Circuit ca 1835. Nancy Culberson & Harold Lawrence.
34 pp. 1993 $7.50.
BB-11 A History of the Georgia Baptist Association. Jesse Mercer.
hb. 419 pp. Index added. (1838) 1980 $27.00.
BB-10 A History of the Georgia Baptist Association, 1784-1984.

hb 594 pp. 1996 (1988) $33.00.
MU-8 A History of Mercer University, 1833-1953. Spright Dowell.
420 pp.
BH-25 Marriages and Death Notices from Baptist Newspapers of SC, 1835-1865. Brent Holcomb.
reprint. hb. 129 pp. 1989 $25.00.
BB-1 The Cluster of Jesse Mercer. Ray Brewster.
hb. 562 pp. 1983 $13.00
BB-2 Baptists of Early America. Robert Gardner.
hb. 226 pp. 1983 $28.00
BB-3 Writing A History of Your Local Church. Robert Gardner.
sfb. 14 pp.
BB-5 Marriages Recorded in the Christian Index, 1822-1855. (Microfilm only.)

BB-6 Obituaries Published by The Christian Index, 1822-1879. Mary Overby.
hb. 263 pp. 1975 $30.00.
BB-7 Obituaries Published by The Christian Index, 1890-1899. Mary Overby.
hb. 260 pp. 1982 $32.00.
AA-19 An Account of Marriages Solemnized by Tolaver Robertson in South Carolina (Oct. 1842-Feb. 1867.) Joseph R. Gainey, ed.
sfb. 24 pp.
CC-8 Bethesda Baptist Church, Carroll Co., GA. Mary F.A. Word. Carroll hb.
VC-1 Conference Minutes of Bethesda Baptist Church (Union Point, Greene County, GA), 1817-1865. Vivian T. Cates. Greene sfb. 305 pp. 1991 $30.00.
BP-74 Darien Baptist Church Records, 1794-1863. (Hancock Co., GA) Nancy Culberson & Harold Lawrence.
200 pp. hb 1995 $20.00.
MU-9 Savannah's Old Jewish Community Cemeteries. (Including short genealogical and biographical data of those interred.) B.H. Levy.
120 pp.